Stm Ship’s has established their own Manning office in India. We recognize the importance of having our own Crewing – source which has led to establishing our own offices in India.

    The majority of our crewing requirements are fulfilled from India, Ukraine, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia Turkey & Russia where we invest funds for the training and up-gradation of sea-going seafarers.

    Recruiting System

    The officers and crew are selected on the basis of their Competency, Experience, Good Health and their conduct record. Under our policies,only those crew who fulfill IMO STCW criteria are employed. This is achieved by an appraisal system.

    Crew evalulation System and personal records

    We maintain a very comprehensive personal record of our Officers and Crew (both in hard copies as well as software copies). The crew is evaluated by the head of department and Master onboard at 06 months intervals and also by the superintendents during the routine inspections.

    Why Choose Us?

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